The Convening: Nov 4-6, Memphis

Justice is a notion, crafted from the human-created universal conception of fairness. Justice in any democracy is a fundamental and continuous aspiration because of the human tendency to differentiate and assign particular characteristics to particular categories, to place people in boxes of our understanding. Our fundamental belief in, and desire for, justice compels us to ensure that the categories we assign are on an equal plane. The practical limitations that society has placed on justice and the accompanying twin of such limitations – injustice – have inhibited this nation’s progress since its inception and are on full display today. Community-led organizations continue working diligently to eradicate injustice and bring to bear this country’s full potential to be an equitable society.

From November 4-6, 2016, the Communities for Just Schools Fund, Andrus Family Fund, Public Welfare Foundation, Transforming Movements Fund, and Cricket Island Foundation will bring many of those community partners together for a first-of-its kind convening at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, focused on the inherent sameness between reform efforts for justice in education and reform efforts for juvenile justice. The conference will cultivate community building, information sharing, strategy development, and interaction with partners and projects that can inform and enhance their individual and collaborative work.