Past Conferences

Education anew: shifting justice (EASJ2018) was a unique education and youth justice convening co-hosted by Andrus Family Fund (AFF) and the Communities for Just Schools Fund (CJSF) that will elevate the collective genius of organizers, advocates and youth

EASJ 2018

EASJ2018 offered a unique opportunity to bring diverse voices together in one space to create impactful, contextual change and align strategies to address structural racism and inequality in schools, youth systems, and communities. Additionally, EASJ2018 explored the ways in which communities are building collective power to end the criminalization of youth of color and advance new models of transformative justice that seek to abolish cages and prisons.  

Leading up to EASJ2018, participating organizations sought to create space for solidarity-building and education around the global fight against disaster capitalism and colonialism in Puerto Rico and beyond. On August 11, 2018, youth justice organizers from the continental United States joined organizers and cultural workers from Puerto Rico and the diaspora in New Orleans to unpack the economic and social realities of Puerto Rico pre- and post-Maria. EASJ2018 will give participants another opportunity to collaborate, build connections and engage in shared movement-building strategies.

EASJ 2016

The first Education Anew: Shifting Justice took place in 2016 in Memphis, TN—a city rich in civil rights history and tragedy. EASJ2016 was recognized as an innovative convening which gave organizations, leaders and youth from across sectors, a space to dream and strategize together about realizing their shared goal of eliminating injustice and ensuring a more equitable and inclusive future.