Education Anew: Shifting Justice (EASJ) is a unique conference co-hosted by Communities for Just Schools Fund and Andrus Family Fund for education and youth justice movement-leaders to come together to strategize, build, and learn. EASJ is a place of storytelling and wellness, and a space in which movement genius is elevated and celebrated. EASJ is a convening where arts and culture are the glue that binds learning to wellness and strategy.

Photo taken from the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum website.

EASJ2020, in Jackson, Mississippi July 16th-19th, will ground participants in the intersections of place and history that have led to this moment in our nation’s history while creating space for deep strategy and movement-building – crucial to the demands organizers are elevating now.

Lessons from EASJ 2018

EASJ 2018 was an event rich with healing, collaborative learning and truth. Truth about the systemic racism that makes our schools unsafe for black and brown youth. Truth about the financial interests that weaken our public schools. Truth about Puerto Rico’s colonial status, and the inequalities that systems of oppression manifests. Through three days of plenaries, workshops, tours and experiences, we were able to unpack those truths and elevate the genius of those closest to the solutions.

Visit our blog for live coverage of Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2018.

Lessons from EASJ 2016


The first Education Anew: Shifting Justice took place in 2016 in Memphis, TN—a city rich in civil rights history and tragedy. EASJ2016 was recognized as an innovative convening which gave organizations, leaders and youth from across sectors, a space to dream and strategize together about realizing their shared goal of eliminating injustice and ensuring a more equitable and inclusive future.

One of the things that I loved about the conference was the diverse group of people that attended the conference. I also felt that people of color were centric throughout the process. I hope this keeps building and becomes annual.

2016 Attendee